The Recruitment Professional

The Recruitment Professional

3000 EGP (For Installments, contact Us)
24 hours - 8 sessions - 2 days/week

About the program

This program is designed candidates passionate about HR and interested in joining a career in recruitment.

Built on a 70% practical and 30% academic basis this program is different than usual HR/Recruitment courses in the market as it will give you experience not just knowledge to get you started in the career without any need of further experience or knowledge.


What will I learn?

  • Introduction to recruitment and its importance in building organizations.
  • Companies types and industries.
  • Recruitment process.
  • Job description and specification.
  • Sourcing channels and how to use it efficiently.
  • Advertising techniques.
  • Candidates and CVs screening.
  • Conducting a professional effective interview.
  • CBI (competency based interview).
  • Onboarding.
  • Exit interviews
  • Free career path coaching session.



Outcome from this program

By attending this program you will be a competent Recruitment Professional ready with the knowledge and skills to enter the HR/Recruitment career and succeed in its practices and daily duties without any further experience.


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